The quickest way to transform your wardrobe so
you exude confidence every day.

You wake up uninspired, knowing you’re going to have to pick out something to wear today, but just like every other morning you dislike your body and “know” nothing’s going to look good anyway. 

You jump in the shower hoping to wash away some of your discouragement and afterward head apprehensively to your closet armed with nothing but a cup of coffee. Yep, just as you feared: full closet but nothing to wear! You’re stressed and feeling inferior, and your day hasn’t even started. 

You’ve tried it all on before; there’s that familiar hopeless feeling when you check your outfit in the mirror. You’ve bought new tops to pair with those pants that bunch awkwardly in your nether regions. You’ve tried recreating looks from your Pinterest board to no avail. 27 failed outfits later, you head to work in the most “blah” thing you can find because at this point you just want to cover yourself up and disappear. 

My love, you are too special for this to be your daily routine! And it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can resolve your morning woes by curating your wardrobe in a way that makes you feel: 
  • Beautiful when you look in the mirror
  • Fully empowered, confident, and radiant in your daily wardrobe
  • As though your clothes were designed specifically for your attractive and unique body
  • Reassured when you walk into your closet
You’ll feel confident every day when you get dressed after working with me to transform your look and your closet. With the “Curate You” package, you’ll be lovingly supported as we co-create a wardrobe you feel illuminated in. This game-changing experience includes: 
  • Empowering self discovery of your personal style goals, your unique body shape, and your specific coloring - leaving you feeling confident about what’s perfect for you – and allowing you to stop wasting money on clothes that don’t fit quite right without you knowing why
  • Expert curation of 10 -25 “new” outfits based on personal goals utilizing the clothes already in your closet. (The number depends on how many clothes you have) - giving you quick go-to looks you love without spending any more money
  • Your choice of either a current season closet cleanse or a curated shopping trip with me to fill in this season's looks. - bringing you joy and confidence in the morning because everything is curated to your specific goals and needs
  • Reassured when you walk into your closet
It’s time to embrace the unique beauty that’s all yours, m’dear. This package empowers you to do just that! It gives you the support and tools you need to finally get inspired in your wardrobe so you have complete confidence and stress-free dressing! 


Hi, darling –
I’m KC,

I'm an expert stylist with 13 years experience in helping lady-bosses like you finally recognize your unique beauty and capture your confidence through the avenue of your wardrobe. Helping you curate your most elevated wardrobe and equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to create that confidence in your clothes daily! 

“Curate You” will take you from disappointed to confident when you look in the mirror, and uplevel your mornings from dreadful to carefree.

It’s time to actually enjoy that cup o’ coffee again!
Don’t waste another moment feeling less than. You, darling, are worth so much more. The world needs that one-of-a-kind beauty that you are. I’d be honored to help you dress the part you were born to play.

You deserve to love what you wear, to love your body, and to be confident. Everyday.

Click here to book a free, no-obligation discovery call. Let’s chat, darling, discover the power of a curated wardrobe, and find out how I can best serve you during the process!



This Package Includes

Get clear on your style goals and personal brand.

Curate your current wardrobe so it’s easy to feel gorgeous every day.

Your choice of either a seasonal closet cleanse or a 1-on-1 shopping trip with me to continue to up-level your wardrobe.

* Payment plans available on all packages

If you're looking for someone to take your everyday mundane to Fabulous, KC is the stylist for you. She took staple pieces in my closet and paired them with items I would have never thought about and created me a whole new wardrobe out of just the clothes I already owned. There were a few pieces I love but had stopped wearing because of the way they fit and she was able to custom tailor them to my body shape and now I can't stop wearing them. Her professionalism was amazing to work with and her fashion sense is impeccable. I recommend her to everyone I know.