A deep dive with expert help to renovate
every area of your wardrobe and personal style. 

You stand in front of your closet filled with the same dread every morning because your closet is overstuffed, and yet you never have anything to wear that makes you feel beautiful. 

Feeling overwhelmed, you step back from the closet to scan your chair for clothes that might be clean, and then, yes, you even give the hamper a once-over just in case there’s something you can salvage in the desperate moment. You see your go-to pieces on the chair and hurriedly think back to when you last wore them. You try to decide if anyone will notice you wore the same thing last week. 

By now you realize how late you’re running and throw on “old faithful” out of sheer panic, fearing tardiness to the morning meeting again. You leave for work frustrated with how you look. A little embarrassed, worrying about what “Karen” will be saying to the other girls about you. Ashamed that you have a closet filled with wasted money - the clothes were beautiful on the hanger, but never looked “good” on you, and now they haunt you.

Well, darling, this miserable morning cycle doesn’t have to be yours. You can transform your morning by curating your wardrobe in a way that makes you feel:
  • Effortlessly beautiful when you look in the mirror
  • Fully empowered, confident, and radiant in your daily wardrobe
  • Completely clear on a vision for stellar outfits utilizing more of what you own and adding in strategic pieces as needed
  • Relaxed when you walk into your closet

After working together to transform your look, your confidence, and your closet, you’ll wake up excited to easily pick out your outfit and leave for the day exuding confidence in your appearance. Get the loving support you need to up-level your wardrobe from me, your style expert. 

This package empowers you to finally embrace the unique beauty that’s all yours, m’dear. It gives you an immediate refresh on your wardrobe and the tools needed to have lasting confidence in your wardrobe and stress-free dressing no matter the season or the day ahead. Curate Premium includes:
  • Empowering self-discovery of your personal style goals, your unique body shape, and your specific coloring - leaving you confident about what’s perfect for you – and allowing you to stop wasting money on clothes that don’t fit quite right without you knowing why.
  • Seasonal closet cleanse with my guidance/direction on tailoring, consigning, or donating after we’re finished - making your closet an oasis of easy access to head-turning outfits.
  • Expert curation of 10 -25 “new” outfits based on personal goals utilizing the clothes remaining in your closet. (The number depends on how many clothes you have) - giving you quick go-to looks you love without spending any more money.
  • A curated shopping trip with me to fill in some missing items from your wardrobe or to add in must-have pieces - making shopping easy, fun, and laser-focused on exactly what you need to up-level your wardrobe.
  • Access to a virtual style closet - keeping fabulous dressing simple with a digital catalog for an easy reference closet inventory so you can make the absolute most out of everything you own; utilizing each piece in looks we create that are perfect for your goals and lifestyle.


Hi, darling –
I’m KC,

I'm an expert stylist with 13 years experience in helping lady-bosses like you finally recognize your unique beauty and capture your confidence through the avenue of your wardrobe. Helping you curate your most elevated wardrobe and equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to create that confidence in your clothes daily! 

Curate Premium will up-level your wardrobe in a way that takes you from discouraged to confident when you look in the mirror, and change your mornings from overwhelming to carefree.

Don’t waste another moment feeling less than. You, darling, are worth so much more. The world needs that one-of-a-kind beauty that you are. I’d be honored to help you dress the part you were born to play.

You deserve to love what you wear, to love your body, and to be confident. Everyday.



This Package Includes

Get clear on your style goals and personal brand.

A seasonal closet cleanse to determine what to keep, donate, or fix so everything in your closet supports your new vision.

Curate your updated wardrobe to empower you in your style goals.

A 1-on-1shopping trip with me to continue building out your wardrobe in a way that’s fun and leaves you feeling confident.

* Payment plans available on all packages

KC brought her professional attitude and experience to my closet and provided thoughtful decisions based on my current job and life situation. She provided perspective on what I needed to retain, needed to give away, as well as what gaps that are in my wardrobe that needed to filled. She then organized my closet so that I had a fresh perspective on all my things for easy styling so that choosing what to wear every day is an absolute joy!! I love my closet and my clothes now that KC worked her curating magic!!