The best way to revolutionize your look, your
confidence, and your closet. 

Your morning routine begins with discouragement as you stand in front of the mirror feeling “less than” because of how your clothes look on you.

But the idea of going back into your overstuffed closet to try on yet another disappointing outfit is beyond overwhelming. So you wipe the tear from the corner of your eye and say “screw it - this will have to do” as you give yourself a final once-over in the mirror before accepting defeat and heading to work. Already feeling conquered by your day.

You’ve tried everything you can think of and spent dollar after dollar to create the outfits you love from your Pinterest closet, but you never seem to get it right. You don’t understand how those women in the photos always look effortlessly beautiful, and here you are, busting your ass just to feel insecure about yourself when you look in the mirror.

Well darling, what if I told you that you’re not doomed to this morning routine? In fact, you can revolutionize your morning by curating your wardrobe in a way that makes you feel:
  • Beautiful when you look in the mirror
  • Fully empowered, confident, and radiant in your daily wardrobe
  • Completely supported through your insecurities around dressing your unique body
  • Relaxed when you walk into your closet
You’ll feel confident every day you walk out the door after working with me to transform your look, your confidence, and your closet. Get 6 months of loving support from me, your style expert, for life-long change. This one-of-a-kind experience includes 
  • An empowering self discovery of your personal style goals, your unique body shape, and your specific coloring - leaves you confident about what’s perfect for you, allowing you to stop wasting money on clothes that just don’t quite fit right, but you’re not sure why.
  • Seasonal closet cleanse with my guidance/direction on tailoring, consigning, or donating after we’re finished - making your closet an oasis for easy access to head-turning outfits in front of you while giving clothes you don’t want away to a good cause so you know not a single purchase went to waste.
  • Expert curation of 10-25 “new” outfits based on personal goals utilizing the clothes remaining in your closet. (The number depends on how many clothes you have). This process gives you quick, go-to looks you love without spending any more money!
  • A curated 1:1 shopping trip with me to fill in some missing items from your wardrobe or add in must-have pieces - making shopping easy, fun, and laser focused on exactly what you need to up-level your wardrobe.
  • Access to a virtual style closet - keeping fabulous dressing simple with a digital catalog to host all your closet inventory for easy reference so you can make the absolute most out of everything you own; utilizing each piece in looks we create that are perfect for your goals and lifestyle.
  • 3 more mini-sessions with me scheduled throughout the 6 months. You’ll have continued expert guidance to ask questions on experiences you’re having with your wardrobe and learn more styling tips throughout our time together. This will fully empower you to feel the most confident and radiant in your daily wardrobe and exercise your new confidence and style so it’s a part of your everyday life long term.
Plus 6 full months of “on call” access to me. Meaning:
  • You’ll have unlimited style support via email or text during those 6 months (office hours apply).
  • Got an event pop up on your books you need an outfit for? I’m your stylist.
  • Have a trip coming up and need some help packing? I’m your stylist.
  • Have family photos or a branding photoshoot happening, I’m most definitely your stylist!
  • Plus endless possibilities for support on any wardrobe needs that arise during your 6 months.
This package empowers you to finally embrace the unique beauty that’s all yours m’dear. Giving you the on-going support and tools needed to have complete confidence in your wardrobe and stress-free dressing no matter the season or the day ahead.


Hi, darling –
I’m KC,

I'm an expert stylist with 13 years experience in helping lady-bosses like you finally recognize your unique beauty and capture your confidence through the avenue of your wardrobe. Helping you curate your most elevated wardrobe and equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to create that confidence in your clothes daily!

Curate Platinum will up-level your wardrobe in a way that takes you from discouraged to confident when you look in the mirror, and change your mornings from overwhelming to carefree.

Don’t waste another moment feeling less than. You, darling, are worth so much more. The world needs that one-of-a-kind beauty that you are. I’d be honored to help you dress the part you were born to play.

You deserve to love what you wear, to love your body, and to be confident. Everyday.



This Package Includes

Get clear on your style goals and personal brand.

Curate your current wardrobe so it’s easy to feel gorgeous every day.

Your choice of either a seasonal closet cleanse or a 1-on-1 shopping trip with me to continue to up-level your wardrobe.

* Payment plans available on all packages

Dressing rooms have been a source of stress since my pre-teen years. I would leave stores feeling defeated, frustrated, and resorted to restrictive diets to try to fix this. I struggled to find clothing that fit me properly and the I felt confident in. All of those feelings flooded back to me again after I landed my first professional job. I felt like a kid trying to gain ground in the adult world and the most unexpected and stressful part was figuring out what to wear in a business casual environment. However, KC's support, compassion, and insight helped me build confidence, body positivity, and a beautiful wardrobe that didn't break the bank! I now feel empowered, confident, and in control throughout the whole dressing and shopping process. I learned about my body type, different styles, color palettes, and which stores to shop for the items I needed. I built a bullet wardrobe of quality, staple items within my budget, and I traveled out of my comfort zone with colors and patterns I now love! I highly recommend KC's services to anyone I know. Her passion for fashion and her ambition to create an inclusive, stress-free, and fun experience is unparalleled!