So, you want to look in the mirror and feel flippin’ beautiful every day.

But instead, you:

  • Made a career shift and you’re struggling to uplevel your wardrobe to match.
  • Find yourself wasting precious time every morning in your overstuffed closet, but still “have nothing to wear.”
  • Feel embarrassed when you see yourself in a photo because you think you’ll never look as good as everyone else.
  • Had a thing called life happen and your body’s gone through changes you don’t know how to dress for.
  • Feel bored or discouraged with your closet
  • Feel bored or discouraged with your closet

I used to stay awake at night with those struggles too. (Definitely read on for those nitty-gritty details).


Today, I’m an expert wardrobe curator, style educator, shopping enthusiast, and genuine encourager committed to helping you love what you see in the mirror. 

I help you achieve your most confident self by utilizing the one thing you have to have anyways… clothes! I’m here to serve, guide, and encourage you on your own journey of personal style and confidence while we curate your perfect wardrobe together. 

Keep on reading, girl! 

Want the full scoop on how I went from hiding from the mirror to feeling fully empowered and confident in my clothes?

I’m a born and raised Texas girl with nothing more than an insatiable appetite to create beauty, share kindness, and do things my own way. I’m proud to have created Curating Confidence in efforts to serve you in all of your wardrobe, style, confidence, and self-love needs.

I’m here to teach you actionable principles and skills to curate your personal style and overall wardrobe in a sustainable way. It’ll make you feel ever so confident, always radiant, and totally empowered in your own skin... Oh, and I show you how to save money and priceless time while doing it! :)

To sum it up… My goal is to make you feel smokin’ when you look in the mirror! 

Oddly enough the # 1 Question I’ve gotten since all this started…”So wait, why did you do this?” 
This answer has three sides to it. Two sides of my natural personality and a hidden accessory called “life struggle” to tie it all together with a messy bow. 

Side 1:
For as long as I can remember I’ve been crafting, creating anything artsy I could get my hands on with a tendency towards fashion. From cutting the fingertips out of my lace Easter gloves at age 6 to sewing “tomorrow's outfit” in my dorm room (stories for another time). I was always pushing the boundaries of acceptable style and trends just for fun.  But letting my creative flag fly was never enough on its own. 

Side 2 (The Split Personality):
I’ve also always had the deepest need to understand people: for connection with others. To befriend the oversharing stranger in the checkout line… anyone, at any given moment. A need to love on them in any way I could at that moment in time. I just can’t help myself. 

Side 3 (The Messy Bow):
My almost 20 year battle with weight, body image issues, and terrible self-confidence. 
These seemingly opposing sides of me, coupled with body changes ranging from size 0 to 18, and off and on struggles with self-doubt and depression have taken me down many career paths and pitfalls. Each experience feeding one side of me, but leaving the other feeling empty. 
My wavering confidence and multi-passionate skills seemed to always be opposing each other. And over a decade of this nonsense later, through countless career changes, jobs to make ends meet, several earned degrees (fashion design, wardrobe styling, non-profit business, and rehabilitation services), and many life lessons and mind shifts, I realized the variety of my experiences and seemingly eclectic skills were my biggest asset — not my flaw.
So, I left the angst of not feeling like myself and the safety net of a 9-5 to create this passionate service I now share with you. 

Here’s the path I took to get here:
  • Modeling
  • Fashion Design school
  • Styling specialty runway shows for events like the Oscars
  • Working freelance wardrobe on sets like The Disney Channel
  • Visual merchandising at Versace
  • Event planning for nonprofits
  • Teaching
  • And a whole lot more randomness

I’m proof that life is ever-evolving and our bodies are ever-changing. 

I whole-heartedly believe your body, no matter the stage you’re in, is always worthy of love and a great outfit that inspires confidence. 

With the technical training I’ve had, the many job titles I’ve held, the darkest depths of my personal struggle with confidence, and the countless lessons learned with each of my precious clients, I continue to learn and expand my own skills. I transform my idea of what it means to be confident in my own skin and how to help you achieve it too! 

And that m’dear, brings me back to you - 

I want to usher you into a feeling of daily confidence in yourself through the avenue of your wardrobe. A daily dose of owning the title “Queen” that you were born with. 

Curating Confidence is built on a foundation of kindness and love to all, a passion for all things fashion and style, an obsession with building your self-confidence and love, and a commitment to teaching you how to conquer your insecurities through the power of your wardrobe and personal style. 

I am here to make a difference. To give you a toolbox to take the disappointment and frustration out of your morning routine and turn the daily grind of getting dressed into an experience that brings you joy and empowerment. 
One that makes you feel flippin’ beautiful every day.

What does this mean for you? 
It means you need a curated wardrobe that enhances all that your mama gave ya, fits your lifestyle and comfort, and stays within your budget. 

And the best part is, you have a friend that wants to guide you through it. I’m here to help you achieve your most confident self by utilizing the one thing you need to have anyways… clothes! 

Time to let loose the jaw-dropping you that’s buried under the layers of bullshit we all tend to collect… because, no matter your size, you can look ‘damn good in dem jeans’ (and dress, and jacket…you get my point.) 

My commitment 
Now, keeping it real, struggling with deep-seated negative thoughts is not a one day fix.  After years of work I still have craptastic moments, times of self-doubt, or times I really don’t give a shit. Through it, I’ve learned it’s ok. I’ve learned grace. 

I’m not perfect. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I fail at times too, just like everyone else. 

But here’s what I promise you: I’m dedicated to bringing you all of my tools, all of my encouragement and support, and the very best of what I’ve learned. I’m learning, and I’m living. I’ll always keep it honest. 
I’ll help you achieve more confidence through your wardrobe and style faster and with less frustration. And we do it the fun way: through my teaching, my curating, my sometimes silly nature and bad dance moves, and my very open heart. 

If you’ve made it this far with me, thank you. I pray this is only the beginning of our journey together. I can’t wait to get to know you better. 

As you might have figured out by now, Curating Confidence is all about serving you in all your wardrobe and style needs exactly where you’re at.

Bringing you more ease and confidence in your soon to be love affair with your closet and your body! 
Interested in more? Here’s what to do next... 

Click the button to check out “My Services” and see all that is available to you. I’m so excited to hear from you! 
With care & confidence, 

Xox KC